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Parker Offers Smallest and Quietest Miniature Diaphragm Pump with Ironless Core Motor.
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Hargraves wants to make your pump search and selection easy for you. We ask that you complete the form below with as much information as possible. Our Application Engineers will evaluate your requirements and match the correct Hargraves pump for your application. Upon completion of this form, Hargraves will contact you within two business days with a recommendation or with any further questions we have about your application. We look forward to learning about your application in effort to earn your business.


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Customer Information
Company Name:*
Primary Contact First Name:*
Primary Contact Last Name:*
Web Site Address:
Are there any additional personnel we should contact at your facility? If so, Please indicate their name, title, phone number and email address:
Application Information
If other Industry/Market, please let us know which one
Type of Equipment:
Project Name / Number:
Brief Description of Pump Operation in Equipment:
Type of Application: Pressure Vacuum
Combination (Press/Vac)
Media Type:
Operating Conditions
Life Expectancy of Pump/Compressor (Hrs):


Maximum Operating Altitude:
(Feet Above Sea Level)

Maximum Operating Temperature:  
Performance Requirements

Max. Desired Flow (L/m) @ Load
@ PSI inHg

Max. Pressure (PSI)
Max. Vaccum (inHg)

Min. Desired Flow (L/m) @ Load
@ PSI inHg

Min. Pressure (PSI)
Min. Vaccum (inHg)
Do you have Volume Fill/Evacuate Requirements? If so please complete below
Chamber Size
Timed Fill/Evacuate
Power Requirements
Voltage (VDC): 
Nominal Current Draw (mA):
Max. Current Draw (mA):  
Motor Type
Other Information
Pump Model Interested in ( Check as many that apply)
Special Requirements:
Are you currently using another pump? If so please complete the form below
Model #
Pump Cost
Production Information
First Year
Second Year
Target Price Range:
Estimated Production Date:
How did you hear about us:  
If magazine or search engine, which one


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