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EZ Mount dampens vibration and reduces noise

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EZ MOUNT provides ease of installation and effective control of vibration transfer. They are designed to mount easily to all Hargraves BTC and LTC family of diaphragm pumps.





Simple Installation: Feet can be rotated in any one of three ninety-degree planes, and is designed for top down or bottom up mounting.

Lightweight: EZ MOUNT was designed to minimize weight added to pump assembly. Approximate weights are: Style A -.63 oz [18gms ],Style B -.71 oz [20gms ].

Reduces Vibration: Effectively absorbs vibration to minimize the vibration transfer into your instrument.

Low Profile/Small Size: Designed to keep height and size to a minimum.

Reduces Engineering Time: Pre-engineered for Hargraves pumps and is available in electronic format to drop into your CAD design.

Reduces Noise: Eliminates most vibration-induced noise.

Low Cost: Typically lower cost than off-the-shelf type isolations

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