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Coreless Brush Motors


Coreless Brush Motors

Coreless motor technology differs from the standard brush motor in that the winding is wound onto itself on the rotor. The brushes are made from a highly conductive and efficient precious metal. No iron is on the rotor, making the lighter, coreless (or ironless core) rotor spin at a given performance level with less required input energy. This results in lower current draw required to power the respective diaphragm pump. As a result, coreless motors are commonly used in portable, battery-operated systems.

Advantages of Brush Motors

Cost – Brush motors offer the lowest initial cost DC motor option. Motor cost is a major factor in the selling price of the pump.

Energy efficiency – the coreless class of brush motor is the most efficient motor section. Brush motors in general are more energy efficient than brushless motors.

Disadvantages of Brush Motors

Life expectancy - Low to moderate life expectancy based on brush wear

RFI noise – brush motors will introduce electrical noise into a system. Coreless motors generate less electrical noise than std. brush motors.

Contamination – The particulates generated by brush wear must go somewhere, usually inside of customers system. For applications requiring the highest quality levels, we select motors with fully enclosed brushes to minimize dust contaminants.


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