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Parker Offers Smallest and Quietest Miniature Diaphragm Pump with Ironless Core Motor.
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Technology Library : Diaphragm Pumps : LTC Series Diaphragm Pump
The LTC Series Diaphragm Pump

The LTC Series diaphragm pump was specifically designed for efficient liquid applications. A liquid pump’s internal fluidic resistance is a driving factor in its performance capabilities. A liquid has higher fluidic resistance when compared to gas or air due to it being incompressible and it having much higher viscosities. The LTC Series has been designed for optimal performance and has the following benefits:

Fluid Blok TM Sealing Technology – An advanced sealing technology that provides redundant sealing to eliminate leaks.

Efficient design – Innovative engineering design facilitates maximum flow with very low power consumption.

Monolithic diaphragm – The single piece molded construction diaphragm design enables maximum suction and continuous dry operation

Optimized wetted materials - A vast selection of compatible elastomers that are inert to a variety of medias is available.

Compact design – Hargraves advanced engineering designs provide the highest performance to size ratio in the industry.

Versatile port design – There is maximum versatility in compatible plumbing connectors as the LTC Series can be secured with bottom, face, or taper seals and is sized for ¼-28 UNF threaded fittings.

Versatile head configurations – Choice of four head configuration allow system integrators maximum versatility.

Mounting options - Provides flexibility for installation.

Long Life - The combination of brushless motors and our proprietary diaphragm elastomer give LTC Series of liquid diaphragm pumps the highest benchmark for service-free life.

The LTC Series incorporates an overmolded diaphragm to eliminate metal from the wetted area. An overmolded diaphragm consists of a metal insert molded into the diaphragm body. The shape of the overmolded diaphragm allows the LTC Series to achieve high vacuums levels for priming.

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